Your Presentation Blueprint

Craft a presentation that inspires your audience to act on your message, on your services AND on their dreams!

Dear Speaker, Workshop/Seminar Leader,

You have a message to share, or you’ve been asked to make a presentation…..

How do you put it all together?

How do you figure out what to include, what to leave out, and how to keep it flowing so that your audience stays engaged from your attention-grabbing start to enthusiastic applause?

Discover the secrets to making an impact through speaking

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Your Presentation Blueprint is for you if you:

  • Ever been confused or overwhelmed with what to say and when to say it;
  • Have a great story but find it hard to share it;
  • It’s challenging to grab and keep the attention of your audience;
  • Would like to do a TEDx talk but not quite sure how to put together your talk.

OR do you wish you could…

  • Weave stories effortlessly and effectively through your presentation so every audience feels connected, inspired and empowered; AND
  • Move your audience to take action on your message and your programs?

Whether you are super-organized with the details of your message OR you tend to be more unorthodox and like to ad-lib……

…………..this system will help you unleash your best ideas in a methodical way that makes it easy for your audience to GET IT. And you want them to get it, don’t you!

Your Presentation Blueprint helps you to relax and focus on the most important parts of your message without worrying about missing anything out.

Let me quickly introduce myself…

My name is Annette Lynch, and as a 2000 Olympian I get to speak and inspire audiences with my talks of persistence, overcoming obstacles and what it takes to win. I also have extensive training and experience as a trainer of NLP and mindset programs.

In 2006 I started attending live seminars, and seeing the trainer up on stage captivating the audience inspired me to want to do the same. I signed up for all his courses to become a Master Results Coach and a Trainer of NLP to learn the best of the best presenting skills. I became a Lead Trainer for this organization, and then went on to develop programs for other companies, and spoken on variety of stages internationally – from keynote to conferences to workshops.

In recent years I have worked with TEDxYouth speakers here on Maui to craft and deliver their message.

In working with clients one-on-one and in workshops, I have found that what comes easy to me is not so easy for  others – namely crafting a presentation that engages the attention of your audience from start to finish.  With that in mind, I drilled down everything I do to prepare for a presentation to give you this blueprint.

“More than just an accomplished speaker and presenter, Annette has remarkable talent for taking a big picture concept and chunking it down to a detailed product. I engaged Annette to develop and craft a number of safety presentations and trainings for delivery to a range of people occupied in heavy mining and related industries. Annette delivered a comprehensive product consisting of valuable content, well-constructed slide shows, manuals and training logistics. She fulfilled what I had requested in a most timely and professional manner. Her presentations and trainings are pertinent and engaging.
Mick Storch, The Bullion Group,


Here’s what you get in the 2.5 hr Audio Training:

Get the outline for every presentation you’ll ever do. Discover how much to include and how you can deconstruct your best ideas to come across clearly and effectively.

STRUCTURE: Learn the structure within the structure – this is important not only to captivate everyone’s attention but to help you remember the vital information you must share with your audience.

STORIES: Be memorable. Learn how to create different types of stories that capture the imagination (and emotion) of your audience’s mind and accelerate their learning. Includes: client/case stories; analogies & metaphors.

YOUR CREDIBILITY STORY: Don’t bore your audience with your story. Take your audience on a journey, that amplifies your message.

CALL TO ACTION: Get the anatomy of an offer or ‘Call To Action’ so that you can easily invite your audience to take action on the next step with you – no pressure sales needed.

MEMORY TIPS: Simple tips and tools to help you remember what to say so that you never have to read your talk.


Get templates and systems for preparing your content in the accompanying workbook, including:

Mindmap outline for your presentation.

The Presentation PrepSheet: The easy template system for creating and saving your presentations;

Plus a Template for telling YOUR story.

Whether you have a presentation that needs refining to get rocking results or you are starting from scratch, this training can help you look forward to your next presentation with excitement and confidence.

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“I have been building a successful coaching practice over the past 6 years and I was feeling ready to develop my professional self to the next level. One of the most significant learning points for me was how to use a structure to organize my thoughts. Annette really listened to me and helped me to see the many small things that I could be doing to make my message clear and impactful.

Our short time together, really sent me on a search these past weeks…and this process became more work than I thought and evolved into a deeper reflective process than expected.   Now that I have my story on paper I feel really confident about putting it into a bio format and even more confident about weaving it into the keynotes and presentations that I do.”
Lynnette Rumble Principle AIM Coaching

To make it EASY for you to say yes to this training and craft a captivating presentation, I have included extra BONUSES.

1. Create your Greater State

A downloadable audio that will help you to create and access a powerful emotional state whenever you need it. Ideal for presentations and meetings where you want to be in charge of how you feel and ‘show up’ rather than being reactive to situations and people. (Value $29)

2. 7 Ways to Set Up to Rock your Presentation

A Cheat Sheet with 7 tips on how you can prepare to make the most of any opportunity to speak without the nerves.

3. Bonus Templates 

Extra resources to help you have a successful event. Feedback sheet, Release Form sample, Workshop Checklist – all the things to keep in mind in preparing for your speaking event in advance and on the day so that you don’t forget a thing. (Value $97).

I know this training could make a REAL DIFFERENCE to your Presentations, which is going to help you make the impact YOU were meant to make.

That’s my mission. To help you get your message out and for your audience to benefit from your  inspiration.

If I was to take you individually through all this material, you would pay upwards from $995.  Now it’s  convenient with everything ready to download and use immediately to craft your message.

$197  $97 

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PLUS you are protected with my personal RISK FREE Guarantee.

If the course does not meet your expectations and does not help you to easily craft your next presentation with your content and captivating stories, then let me know within 21 days of purchase, and I will refund your money, 100% guaranteed. You can count on it.
“Annette’s program made my presentation come alive! It was incredibly rewarding to follow the step-by-step process and literally see myself delivering great value to my clients through my presentation.

The points are so clear and concise and the content is amazing. Annette makes something which I imagine is very complex i.e. communication and breaks it down to simple absorbable chunks.  Thank you for making this “scary” issue so simple and approachable.”
Lina Taylor, 2-time Olympian, Speaker,

Get your message out today.  The audio recordings and workbook are waiting for you to download right here when you say YES to Your Presentation Blueprint.  I look forward to hearing your inspirational stories.

To your brilliance

P.S.  Even though this system gives you an easy template to follow to put together your presentation, you will be guided to add in your own out-of the-box ideas for a unique engaging talk.  If this was a paint by numbers kit, you would be encouraged to paint outside the lines.

P.P.S. If you have any questions about the program and whether it’s right for you, please write me at [contact_us type="email"] so that you can make a well-informed decision.

“In the past, I’ve had severe moments of stage fright which included rising anxiety, sweating, doubting myself and even thinking of ways to get out of my commitment to speak! Thankfully, the anxiety would disappear once I made it through the first couple of minutes. Another HUGE issue for me was over-delivering information and not keeping my content within a time limit. I also rarely ever used a presentation more than once.

During my session with Annette, I learned how to structure my talks in a way where I am delivering consumable information to my audience without overwhelming them; and using my best stories to drive home a point. Annette also taught me a trick to tweak one main presentation to appeal to different audiences.With several speaking engagements booked next month and more requests rolling in, I now feel SO much more at ease and confident about helping my audience move forward in their business and life through my speaking.  I can hardly wait for my next speaking engagement!”
Melody Granger, The Well Organized Entrepeneur,

“I needed to be able to speak in public confidently and I felt after researching on internet and listening to speaker coaches that I needed a little bit more of help.  I had a workshop coming up and I was not sure if my material was presented well, so I reached out to Annette and she helped me to put together my material in a way that will not only be understood (which was before), but also entertaining. I was able to have clarity in how to present my material.

Through working with Annette, I learned a better structure to make that workshop a success plus also the rest of my presentations, which is very valuable for my career. Completely worth the investment towards the success of my career.”
Julia Vergara, Life Coach,

“Knowing how to speak spontaneously is great, but with Annette’s help, I now have a clear plan and structure for my speaking that allows me to deliver my message with much more clarity and connection to my listeners than I have previously experienced.”

Kate Arnold. Certified Hand Analyst and Recovery Specialist, Money Breakthrough Method Coach (TM)

Be guided to:

Craft a unique signature message that delivers value, avoids overwhelm and has your audience wanting more
Become a master storyteller
Put together your original and forward-thinking content so that you engage EVERYONE in your audience
 AND…..Remember what to say without needing to read your notes.

     $197  $97

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