9 Reasons to Plan Your Message

In case you still need a reason to prepare your message with an easy to follow formula, here are 9 of them.

1. Avoid overwhelm – for yourself and your audience.  Break down the main points that will be of most value to your audience.  The worst thing you can do is confuse your audience with too much information that they quickly forget your message, and YOU.

2. Know what to say when – be prepared so that your message flows through-out and keeps your audience engaged.

3. Never forget to include your main point(s) – if you like to wing it you risk bypassing the main points that will give your audience the most value.

4. Get really clear – when you take the time to think about your message you get clear on how you get your point across most effectively.  Words can have a big impact on your audience, so plan and use them well.

5. Remember to put in stories – stories are what audience will remember, and by preparing ahead of time, the blueprint will prompt you to put stories in at the right times.

6. Timing is everything – you won’t run out of time (and out of favor with your event organizer) when you have prepared your whole talk to fit in the time permitted.  Your audience will appreciate you if you respect their time.

7. Be compelling from beginning to end – plan an attention-grabbing Hello and a persuasive Call To Action along with everything in between, including the transitions and segues that take you from point to point.

8. Set up your Audience – avoid assumptions and set the scene for your audience with frames that let them know what to expect from you and your presentation.  Get everyone on the same page with you from the outset.

9. Feel confident, relaxed or however you want to feel – you’ve done the work ahead of time, you know what to say, and you can now step in front of your audience and be there for them.  Step into your style and have some fun.

It is said that failing to plan is planning to fail, so if you want to succeed with your presentation and get the results you want, then know how to plan and structure your presentation with ease.

If you don’t yet have a simple method for planning a message, then let me help you. Learn more about Your Presentation Blueprint which shows you everything you need to put into a captivating presentation in a 2+ hour training audio plus workbook.

Please share – what’s a reason you have for preparing your message the way you do?