Speaking with Purpose

How do you know when to say yes to a speaking opportunity OR what speaking opportunities to look for? You want to say YES for the right reasons. Speaking with Purpose refers to both the purpose of you speaking in general and the purpose you have for each and every speaking opportunity. The more clear your are with your purpose for speaking, the greater your success.

What’s your Style for Speaking?

The trick to being an effective speaker is to be yourself while still adapting to various types of people within your audience. You want to be connected with them and find a mutual bond. You have got to know yourself and be honest about that. The more you explore your own style, your strengths and your weaknesses, the more you are able to express yourself authentically.

Be Clear on Your Message

It’s not enough to be the best at what you do, you have to be able to communicate it well to the people that matter. This communication can be in the form of your marketing, your branding AND in your presentations or speaking opportunities.
Speakers with a clear, consistent and effective message do better than those who don’t.