How Public Speaking and Life Share the Same Recipe for Success

It has been said that “How you do ONE thing, is how you do EVERYTHING.” 

If you have not heard this before, then just notice the habits you have in your own life.  For example, someone who doesn’t speak up in a meeting….where else might that show up?  Perhaps in a relationship?

Someone who glosses over details in a story, might gloss over details in their finances or business planning.

This concept came to mind when I was putting together the 5 Steps that enable a speaker to inspire their audience.  As I was putting the pieces together, I noticed a correlation with what it takes to live an inspiring life.  Let me break it down for you.

1. Confidence – It’s an important foundation to being able to stand in front of an audience and speak.  It is also important to how you approach your life, don’t you think? The more confidence you have the more you are willing to say ‘yes’ to opportunities and to pursue your heart’s desires. (I will elaborate on this in my next article).

2. Content – Obviously when you are speaking you need to think about your content – what’s your message you want to share.  What do you want the content of your life to be?  What do you represent and what do you want to leave behind as a legacy.  The content of your life includes your goals, your adventures and the challenges you face – all leaving you with great stories to tell.

Are you prepared and taking control of the content of your life or are you winging it – and which do you think might be more effective?  I think it’s like speaking – you want to be prepared first, and then you have a good base to be flexible with what a situation throws at you to then wing it.

3. Expression – A good public speaker varies their expression and conveys emotion.  How are you expressing yourself in life?  Are you attacking life with vigor, are you expressing your feelings or even showing your emotions?  Many people suppress their emotions and stop themselves from fully experiencing life on their terms.  Think about.  Is there some way you could be more true to yourself?

I heard a great story last night from a fellow athlete about meeting up with a friend he hadn’t seen in years at a local Steak restaurant.  They met out the front and then both realized that they didn’t really want to go inside to eat and drink here.  They found it hard to tell each other their own reason why but finally they opted for the truth – one had not eaten meat in 6 months, the other had not drunk alcohol in 6 years.

Where in your life might you hide the truth in order to keep the peace, or follow the crowd?  It’s a lesson I continue to learn in my own personal relationships – to recognize and express my truth.

4. Connection – As a speaker, you want to connect with your audience in order for them to connect with your message.  Connection will create the trust and responsiveness that will cause them to buy in to your message, product or services.  In life, connections are just as important to your success and well-being.  Connections are you relationships -personal and business.  Who’s on your team to help you?  Who are you asking for advice or support?

My greatest successes have come when I have worked with a team – collaborating, making the most of each others strengths, questioning each others decision and providing encouragement. My teams in business have been organizations, joint venture partners, and my coaches and mentors.

My work with Trilogy Athletes, a peer to peer mentor group for professional athletes and mentors, is a great example.  I get to work with an organization with everyone focusing on the role they are best at; we have weekly peer meetings; I mentor individuals 1-on-1; and then I chair a “Peer Advisory Meeting’.  When you connect with a team you get advice, solutions and even referrals, that you could never get on your own.

5. Expertise – The 5th step in my recipe for inspiring speakers is about claiming your expertise.  You want to speak with authority, absolutely know that you are the expert on your subject.  Imagine going through life with that same inner knowing that you have what it takes to do what you do and that you belong.

Put simply, this step is about ‘Being”.  Who do you need to BE to achieve what you want to achieve in life?

I hope this article has got you thinking about how you are applying this recipe in your own life, or in public speaking.  What correlations do you make between the patterns in your life?