Speaking with Purpose

How do you know when to say yes to a speaking opportunity OR what speaking opportunities to look for?  You want to say YES for the right reasons.

The key to creating more of anything you want in life is to get clear on what you actually want – and with that, I’m talking about the big picture.  What do you really want and why?

With speaking – what do you really want to achieve and how does that tap into your vision and purpose for you, your business and for others?

Speaking with Purpose refers to both the purpose of you speaking in general and the purpose you have for each and every speaking opportunity.  The more clear your are with your purpose for speaking, the more clearly you can define your ideal audience and what opportunities are the right fit for you.

The more honed in on your purpose for speaking that taps into a strong WHY to get your message out, will also create a powerful and magnetic DESIRE that will help you succeed.

I’ve come up with 4 reasons why you may want to speak.

1. Exposure – speaking at an event can expose you to a specific community and various opportunities.  People in your audience may be well-connected to create further speaking opportunities or connections to key people.

2. Clients/Customers – an audience filled with your ideal clients creates the opportunity to market and sell your services or products.  You may be invited to speak on someone else’s stage or you may create your own event.

3. Direct income – You can get paid directly to give a keynote speech or to provide training to organisations, conferences and groups.  Money may be a sole driver for getting the gig.

4. Giving Back – you may say yes to an unpaid speaking gig, simply as a way of giving back to a cause that is important to you.  You donate your time and expertise as a charitable gesture.

You may speak for all four of these reasons at some time in your career.  The important thing is to know which reason it is at the time of saying ‘yes’ to an engagement, to have the right expectation.

It will set you up to then prepare to speak with purpose for that specific event – to get the exposure to further opportunities; to get the clients; to give value for money; and to give back wholeheartedly.

Keep in mind that you will find greater success and satisfaction when your speaking opportunity is linked to your greater purpose.

If you are a paid speaker, there will be a level of success you achieve when you are chasing the money, BUT….

….you lift it to another level when you are clear about your message and what you stand for.

Roy M Spence Jr wrote about the value of a purpose-driven business in his book “It’s Not What you Sell, It’s What You Stand For”

YOU are a business, and your PURPOSE will drive your success.

It has been a year of refining my own speaking and narrowing down what I’m best at, and what I’m most passionate about speaking on. I’ve been exposed to, had training and experience in various areas, that I can deliver a number of diverse topics.

It can be scary to narrow it down and you might feel like you are cutting off money-making opportunities.  But what if you tapped into that very thing that you are meant to share and YOU are THE ONE to deliver it – then what opportunities could that create for you?

It’s time to step out from the jack-of-all-trades position to become master of ONE; to graduate from General Practitioner to SPECIALIST…and to find your place as a speaker.

Let your purpose guide your search for speaking opportunities, and make it easy for you to decide which opportunity is right for you.

Please share your views – what drives you to speak?